Public funds being misused in Limpopo

This is my plea to Limpopo Premier Sello Moloto.

As a taxpayer I am concerned about the way public finances are misused by departments in Limpopo. They fail to give the standing committee on public accounts valid reasons for the misusing taxpayers' money.

If they fail to account for government funds in terms of the Public Finance Management Act, what are we heading for? A banana republic?

Service delivery is slow and in some places completely absent, while departments waste money and the chief executives and heads of department are unable to give explanations.

Some officials were told to repay millions to the government but did not. They are still roaming the streets and no action has been taken against them.

One department hired an under-qualified person because that person's mother is the MEC. This type of appointment is one of the reasons for the malpractice and slow service delivery. Contracts are reported to have been given to officials' subordinates and that is why some projects are not finished on time.

People are taking advantage of our government because they are "comrades" and cover each other's backs.

This is not taking our province anywhere. The premier is not taking any action because maybe he does not want to get his hands dirty.

Moses Mothogoane, Jane Furse