'Flat not fit for pig to live in'

Marisa Stevens

Marisa Stevens

Sandra Tromp lives in a bachelor flat with her husband and three children at the 1912 Dulcie block of flats in Newclare, Johannesburg.

"For 15 years we have lived in this block but the council is not doing its job," she said.

Tromp said the roof of her flat has been leaking since 2003. The geyser no longer works and the drain is covered in sewage.

"There are flies all over and our children become sick," said Tromp.

Her neighbour, Yvonne, said: "We pay R80,71 rent a month but nothing is done despite our continuous complaints and requests."

Tromp recalls an occasion when a woman from the council refused to enter the flat and said: "Not even a pig can live in this place".

Chairman of Dulcie Flats committee, "Aunty Poppy", said: "We had a meeting with the council the other day. The residents have to be patient, the place will be fixed."