deadly speed game played on roads

Kamogelo Seekoei

Kamogelo Seekoei

A new game being played on some of Johannesburg's roads could have fatal consequences if it is not stopped soon.

Someone is defacing road signs on the West Rand with spray paint and focuses particularly on those that regulate speed.

The vandals paint the figure 1 in front of the numbers 60 and 80.

So a sign that indicates the speed limit should be 60kmh becomes 160kmh and 80kmh becomes 180kmh.

This vandalism seems to be rife in Randfontein and Kagiso, where most of the road signs have been vandalised.

A Sowetan photographer says motorists drive at high speed on those roads, as if they are taking part in a Fomula 1 race.

But Johannesburg Metro police spokesman Wayne Minnaar is not amused. He says it is reckless and irresponsible behaviour and a fatal game. "It is foolish and out of line for people to do that and crime that could result in a jail term.

Driving at 160kmh is a ridiculously high speed and anyone who sees that on the road should question it."

Minnaar says anyone caught defacing road signs will be arrested and charged with malicious damage to property.

He warned that no driver should use the vandalised road signs as a defence for speeding.

"Anyone who has a valid driver's licence knows that the speed limit on our national roads is 120kmh and the limit in built-up areas 60kmh."