chained najwa home for 1 HOUR

Murder accused Najwa Petersen went home yesterday - but in chains.

Murder accused Najwa Petersen went home yesterday - but in chains.

Though she was able to hug her nine-year-old daughter Zainub, it was at the centre of a ring of heavily-armed police.

Petersen, who is in custody at Pollsmoor prison, was taken to her home in Grasmere Road in Athlone, Cape Town, for an on-the-spot inspection by the Cape high court.

She and three alleged hired hitmen on Wednesday pleaded not guilty to the 2006 execution-style shooting of her husband Taliep.

Taliep was killed on the upper level of the double storey house after Najwa let the killers in, the state claims.

Neighbours peered over front gates and garden walls as judge Siraj Desai and his two assessors, defence advocates, prosecutors, police and the four accused arrived at the house.

Police vehicles with flashing lights blocked off a section of the street, while the area around the house was cordoned off.

A city street-cleaning team took a break from their labours to watch what was happening.

"We cleaned it for the judge," joked one. "He's going to pay us."

Najwa and her co-accused, all wearing ankle shackles, waited in the street as Desai and the lawyers inspected the outside of the property.

Her youngest daughter Zainub, 9, came out and hugged her mother. Najwa stroked her daughter's black hair and spoke quietly to her.

Zainub, who is the only child from Najwa and Taliep's marriage, is being cared for by family and friends.

After about 20 minutes the inspection party and the accused moved inside the house, which is surrounded by a high wall topped with electric fencing.

All the doors visible from the street have metal gates and a camera surveillance system can be seen.

The inspection, which began shortly after 10am, lasted an hour. - Sapa