You can fix things for a living

Many people, both male and female, cannot manage minor tasks in and around their homes and yards.

Many people, both male and female, cannot manage minor tasks in and around their homes and yards.

Chores such as painting cabinets, fixing a leaking tap, putting a new plug on a lamp cord or replacing a screen is a real challenge to some people.

So if you are good at doing these things you can make a decent living by starting a handyman's business.

Research shows that about 70 percent of homeowners need regular maintenance and repair services in their homes. These services, including repairing leaking taps, changing door locks and fixing wires and plugs of appliances.

People employ the services of handymen not only because they are unable to do it themselves but because they are busy with other things and do not have the time.

This means that there is a definite niche for handymen and you could definitely make money out of it.

It is not only individual homeowners that become customers, but also businesses such as estate agents, housing complex managers and private companies.

If you can sell yourself properly you can make a lot of money from private companies because most of them don't have an in-house handyman to take care of such things.

Even if a company does have a maintenance officer it in most cases only checks what is faulty and then call in a handyman to fix the faults.

So it is important for someone who wants to operate a handyman business to have a good contacts list of companies to promote his services.

One good thing about being called a handyman is that you can charge a fee for travelling expense (house call) and also charge a fee for service, irrespective of how minor the work is.

Most of the time you will be called out to do minor jobs that most handymen can handle, such as replacing a wall socket or repairing a cabinet door. These are classic examples of what most handymen can do with ease.

As a handyman you can perform hundreds of tasks that elderly people and the handicapped cannot do themselves.

It is not uncommon for a plumber to charge between R200 and R400 to replace a tap washer.

A professional plumber charges so much because he has spent time and money on training. This is why most people prefer calling in a handymen rather than skilled specialists.

As a handyman you can solve most minor maintenance problems for a rental agent and leave the very difficult jobs to the professionals.

Where a specialist would charge R500 an hour you can charge R120 and do the job professionally and efficiently - and in that way you will gain more customers.