NWABISA for movie fame

Zinhle Mapumulo

Zinhle Mapumulo

Nwabisa Ngcukana, she who suffered humiliation at the hands of Noord Street rank taxi drivers, is going into movies.

She has just landed herself the supporting role in a new movie, Kabelo's Fortune. The movie will hit local cinemas later this year. And already the movie's makers are hailing her as a star in the making.

"She has talent. I know that she is the Noord Street girl, but she auditioned and won the part fairly. She is good," said director Austin Ayoka.

The saying that you can't keep a good woman down seems true for Ngcukana. She says that although her role is not the principal one in the movie, she plans to enjoy acting in it and do her best.

"I think this is only the beginning of better things to come. I am very excited about this. For me this is a stepping stone to success. I have always wanted to be an actress and now that I have been given the opportunity, I will give it my best shot," she said.

Ngcukana made headlines in February when taxi drivers at Noord taxi rank stripped her for wearing a miniskirt.

This sparked a huge uproar across the country. A number of women's organisations marched to the rank in protest against women abuse.

Ngcukana is adamant that the humiliating incident had nothing to do with her new role.

"The directors choose me on merit. They realised that I had the talent to succeed," she said.

Ayoka was "delighted to give Ngcukana a chance".