My municipality does not care

On April 4 I had a blocked sewage system at my house in Springs.

I reported the problem on the same day but it had not been attended to by the afternoon, so I decided to investigate what the hold-up was.

The administrator of the complaints department assured me that their technicians had been informed of my problem but had deliberately ignored it.

She told me to stay put and that another team would be despatched to my house.

After hours of waiting with no one pitching up, I called again. No one bothered to answer the phone.

I suppose when I made my last call the staff had gone home without informing me of any progress on my complaint.

Another problem is that our streetlights have not been working for months and no one has been around to fix them. I have informed the relevant departments and officials about this. They took details but nothing has been done.

The attitude of the municipality's workers bothers me because I don't think they care about their customers.

Their attitude and the disrespect they show for the public is sickening.

It seems my family will have to live under these stinking conditions because apparently no one in the Springs municipality cares.

Lloyd Makgata, Springs