Amakhosi tell protesters to stop marching

Canaan Mdletshe

Canaan Mdletshe

Traditional leaders in Ulundi have warned protesters in the area to stop or face their wrath.

Phumempini Josias Mtshali, head of the Buthelezi clan, told the "loose cannons" that there has never been protests in Ulundi and that there never will be.

Two service delivery protests took place in the area recently.

Mtshali said: "We have noticed with concern the recent protests. Protest leaders call us names.

"They have been heard saying there is no development in areas under traditional leaders because the amakhosi are uneducated."

Mtshali said the protests, to which the premier and MECs had been invited, were instigated by people who opposed traditional leaders.

"They even challenge us on the traditional norm of penalties against people who have done something wrong," Mtshali said.

"They say it should end, but I want to tell them that the amakhosi will fight to the bitter end. We are not expecting any protests in Ulundi."

Councilor Senzo Shwala, who led one protest, said they would continue marching for services and development because it was their right as taxpayers.

He said he had applied for a peace order because Mtshali told his parents that he had to stop organising marches or he would die.