Mugabe right about Rice

I am disturbed by the recent statements made by US secretary of state Condoleezza Rice about Zimbabwe.

For Rice to say that "Mugabe is a disgrace to Zimbabwe and the whole of Africa" is out of line.

What is she to Africa to make such statements?

Isn't she taking the same stance as that made by Britain, the former colonial power, who is now backing the MDC financially?

Her statements are a clear insult to Africa as a whole. Mugabe is a profound African leader who has openly criticised the West for colonising Africa without mercy.

Now one can clearly understand Mugabe's response to her in 2005 when he said "she is a slave to her white masters" and referred to her as "that girl born out of slave ancestry, who should know from the history of slavery in America, from the ... situation of blacks in America, that the white man is not a friend".

Where are the African leaders who claim they are the true patriots of African revolution? Why are they silent?

Are they perhaps now toeing the line of Western societies, who believe that Mugabe stands alone and does not represent true African interests?

I condemn all African leaders who are not supportive of Mugabe.

Lentle Moripe, Mamelodi West