Bogus cops make off with cash

McKeed Kotlolo

McKeed Kotlolo

Bogus policemen travelling in luxury German cars staged a daring heist and robbed a cash-in-transit armoured vehicle of an undisclosed sum of cash in Mpumalanga.

The heist happened in Witbank on Monday evening about 500 metres from the Fidelity Security depot, where the cash was to be stashed.

Captain Leonard Hlathi of the organised crime unit said members of G4 Security were transporting a large amount of cash to the local Fidelity Security depot at about 6.30pm when they were attacked by armed robbers.

Hlathi said a black BMW with a blue light and police registration numbers overtook the G4 vehicle and immediately stopped across the road in front of the vehicle.

"The armoured vehicle slammed into the side of the stationary BMW," Hlathi said.

"Four heavily armed men emerged from the damaged BMW and held the guards up at gunpoint ."

He said as the robbers offloaded the money bags from the armoured vehicle a short while later another BMW arrived on the scene and picked up the gunmen and the loot.

They left the scene at high speed without firing a shot. Police are investigating.