Sibongile Mashaba

Sibongile Mashaba

Churches, communities and parents should remember that they are not bringing up children but people who will one day become fathers and husbands, says Pastor Joshua Maponga.

Maponga was speaking at the Let Us Make Man event hosted by the Seventh Day Adventist Church in Orlando West, Soweto, on Saturday.

"If you kill a man emotionally, physically or psychologically you kill everyone," he said. "You are creating a monster who will rape and kill women. The way men grow up determines their future."

About 100 men who attended the event pledged to take care of women and help raise responsible young men.

The pledge says: "I will be creative. I will be proactive. I will be imaginative. I will be innovative. I will be inventive. I will be positive."

"God created heaven and earth, then animals. It was all good and He decided to create a man. He created a woman because it was not good for a man to live alone. Thus a woman came as a solution to take away man's loneliness."

Maponga based his sermon on the book of Genesis Chapter2 - the creation of man. He urged men not to argue with women and not to beat them. Men should remember they are the saviours of their families and communities.

"Think like God and be like Him. Sit in His chair, walk like Him. Love a person before they love you because God is like that."