rapist dad quotes Bible

Riot Hlatshwayo

Riot Hlatshwayo

A 50-year-old pastor who fathered three children with his daughter and claimed that God had told him to sleep with her was convicted of rape, alternatively incest, in the Nelspruit regional court this week.

The Mpumalanga pastor, who cannot be identified to protect his daughter, pleaded not guilty to nine counts before magistrate Andre Geldenhuys.

The magistrate said that the pastor had used the Bible to justify his actions.

The daughter, 23, has three children aged eight, five and four.

Her father raped her for eight years between 1998 and 2006.

The father said that he had never heard the word incest because "it was not anywhere in the Bible".

He said that he had sex with his daughter so that she could see the Kingdom of God.

He told his wife that God had asked him to sleep with their daughter and the family would be blessed.

The court heard that the man was very strict. He never allowed any meber of his family out of their yard and he made them attendthe church he ran from home. He usually gave sermons about the end of the world.

He told the court that there was nothing wrong about sleeping with his daughter because even Lot in the Bible was said to have slept with his daughter.

He quoted the Bible to justify his actions.

He was remanded pending his next appearance on April 15, when a pre-sentencing report will be presented before the court for it to determine sentence.

When the daughter was a teen, she found a letter written by her father saying he was going to kill his family, then commit suicide.