Finding the best staff with a great website

Whether your recruitment agency is big or small does not matter when it comes to marketing. You will need a website in order to expand your reach and attract more qualified candidates.

Websites have become popular as a tool for graduates and job-seekers. Research shows that four out of five job-seekers and graduates use recruitment to look for employment.

They regard going online as the most effective and convenient way of uncovering best opportunities. This shows that you can never go wrong by tapping into the recruitment industry by using websites.

According to expert recruitment specialists, many companies cannot afford not to advertise their graduate jobs online. As students, many university and technikon graduates get used to the Internet and they are most likely to use it when looking for jobs.

But with the Internet becoming part of every technologically-inclined person's life, many companies are also putting up their recruitment sites with company information, sample-employee profiles and online application acceptance and management systems.

So, in order to cut it with your recruitment website, you have to come up with something that will set you apart from your competitors. Consider the following tips for a recruitment website.

You must benchmark against competitors and the first step towards building a better recruitment website is checking out what your competitors do on their websites and improve on it. Make it look as professional and modern as possible.

Don't only focus on competitors in your industry. Look at other recruiters who might be interested in the people that you are also interested in.

For example, if your company focuses on IT consultants, you must benchmark against high-tech and other companies that are competing for that talent. Use your website to strengthen your recruitment business.

Get customer feedback. Remember, your recruitment website represents a significant investment of time and company resources. Make sure your investment is as effective as possible by testing your site, as it is developed, on its target market.

The best way to test your site is via formal user testing. That is the only way you can ensure that you receive objective, honest feedback as your site is developed.

Nowadays, many job-seekers visit websites of companies that they are interested in during their job searches. So make your website visitor friendly or else you will lose candidates just because they don't know how to use your website to apply.

Treat your website as a living entity and keep updating it. Make sure that your job listings are up to date. The smart company will also assign formal responsibility for the upkeep of the recruitment site and its strategy.

Update the way your website looks. The web is always evolving and you cannot afford to be left behind. You should be ahead of your competitors.