dancERS spark R100000 SPAT

Frank Maponya

Frank Maponya

Up-and-coming Limpopo musician Jonathan Selomo could find himself penniless - a fellow musician has sued him for defamation

Selomo, aka Johnnyboy, was driving in the fast lane until he was forced to apply brakes by his homeboy Steven Sefofa.

Sefofa, who is the country's self-proclaimed king of kwasakwasa, is sued Selomo for R100000 for defamation of character.

He claimed that Selomo had gone around telling people that he (Sefofa) had stolen two of his backing dancers.

Sefofa said the women had approached him to do business with him because, they claimed, Selomo was abusing them.

He said they claimed Selomo had not paid them for their performances and that is why they had decided to join his band, The Malo-a-Botsheba boys.

Sefofa claims Selomo had approached him and told him he was no longer working with the women, and this had given him the green light to work with them.

"When he approached me about the women I already had eight who come from the Democratic Republic of Congo and some from Johannesburg," Sefofa said.

"I allowed them an opportunity to do one song with me."

He said he was surprised to read in the newspapers that Selomo claimed he had stolen the dancers from him.

"The claims have created the impression that I'm a cheat and disrespectful," Sefofa, of Hareje Ditjhelete fame, said.

"I wanted to make a statement to clear my name by suing Selomo

"I did not want money because I can do things for myself.

"But I wanted to teach Selomo and others who have a reputation for denting other people's images a lesson."

Sefofa's lawyer, Morobi Rathelele, confirmed yesterday that he had already won an order to attach Selomo's four cars and other properties.

He said the process would take place on April 16.

Hlanganani Mushwana, Selomo's lawyer, said he was prepared to challenge the decision.

"I have never heard of any defamation case involving such a big amount," he said.