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All reports by Ramatsiyi Moholoa

All reports by Ramatsiyi Moholoa

Constructors of the Peter Mokaba Sports Complex are living up to their promise of training Limpopo people to continue feeding their families even after the completion of the 2010 World Cup venue.

"We have five skilled people training on site. They are quantity surveyors and civil engineers. One of them is a bene- ficiary of our bursary," said Paul Mahlaka.

Mahlaka is a prominent Limpopo businessman whose company, Paul's Building Constructors, are joint builders of the Polokwane multi-purpose sport centre.

Mahlaka's company is building the facility with Wilson Bayly Holmes-Ovcon (WBHO).

"We also have about 15 people who were recruited from under the trees where they look for jobs on a daily basis in order to support their families," said Mahlaka.

"We have created projects for them where they work under the supervision of experts doing concrete jobs, paving, suspended ceilings and aluminum.

"When we won the bid to build the stadium, we made a commitment to the Polokwane Municipality and the Limpopo government that we will create jobs for the locals.

"It is part of the World Cup legacy project for us, we intend employing them after the completion of the stadium to work for Paul's Building Constructors.

"WBHO will also take along some of them," said Mahlaka, who is happy that the construction of the sports centre is beginning to take shape.

"We are well on track with the job, we are delighted that the project has been going on smoothly without any disturbances.

"We have a very good working relationship with the people working on site. We have already started with the brick work, the structure is coming out of the foundation.

"The next phase will be building a roof, part of which is done in Johannesburg and the others abroad.

"It is a massive specialised project working mainly with concrete.

"The quality of the stadium will be good, very good. We are going to deliver a world-class facility that all South Africans will be proud of.

"We have regular meetings with all stakeholders to assess progress," said Mahlaka, who left for Shanghai, China, on Sunday night for a construction expo, which he attends every year to learn new trends.