Pityana does not understand ANC

Barney Pityana is at it again.

Barney Pityana is at it again.

Before the Polokwane conference he articulated a myriad reasons why President Thabo Mbeki should be re-elected and why Jacob Zuma should not be elected.

Though his self-serving crusade was defeated by popular vote, the wise prof seems not to have relented in his senseless hatred of Zuma.

Unfortunately he is focusing on personalities rather than looking at the collective leadership that emerged from the conference.

The conference made resolutions of far-reaching proportions, which bode well for both the South African masses and the country's economy.

Instead of focusing on character assassination, Pityana should join the ANC to be schooled in the organisation's traditions that regulate the choices politically astute ANC members make.

Pityana should desist from putting his faith in misquoted articles. Zuma has clarified newspapers' misconceptions and has set the record straight.

The prof should have known about these facts and should not vilify Zuma and the entire ANC leadership as an "assertive leadership".

It is not the first time the professor has done this and, frankly, ANC members are getting fed up with his attitude and hypocrisy.

Patrick Rampai, Polokwane