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Nthabisang Moreosele

Nthabisang Moreosele

Nomvuyo Williams of King William's Town in Eastern Cape came to Johannesburg two years ago to look for work. She has a matric and a junior primary teacher's diploma.

"I worked at home for eight months and then the government found that we were given posts meant for redeployed teachers," Williams said.

"We were dismissed and could not find other posts as schools are few and far between. I came to Joburg hoping to find any kind of job to help look after my mother, two brothers and two sisters."

All her siblings have now found jobs. Nomvuyo is the only one still struggling to find one.

Her dream now lies in tatters because she has failed to find the pot of gold promised by the "fairy tales" she heard about the city of gold.

Nomvuyo once found a job in Kempton Park, but it was a part-time job where she was called in only when there were big meetings. In desperation she resorted to gambling at casinos around Gauteng to raise money. It is a precarious life, but she stuck it out because she sometimes won as much as R3000.

She has a daughter, Owami, who is six months old. Owami's father, a Zimbabwean, left for his home country after the bar he worked at was closed.

Owami made headlines two weeks ago when her nanny revealed that she had been looking after the baby on her own.

She claimed she did not know where Williams had gone. The baby was temporarily left in the custody of the social services authorities. Williams learnt about the fate of her baby in Sowetan.

Sowetan came to her rescue. Mama Angel bought clothes, toys and baby food. The rest of the money bought groceries to help the family who had taken them in.

Mrs Sindiswa (the only name the good Samaritan would give) offered Williams a place to stay but six people are already living in the house.

This is a temporary solution until she lands a job. Her landlady threw her out for non-payment of rent.

"Thank you very much to Sowetan, I have no words to thank you for your kindness," Williams said.