Police arrest two robbers

Mhlaba Memela

Mhlaba Memela

Police in Newcastle in northern KwaZulu-Natal have launched a massive manhunt for the remaining suspect wanted for the armed robbery at a petrol station on Tuesday.

Two robbers were arrested soon after the incident at SSS Motors following a high-speed chase by police detectives who fired on one of the getaway vehicles.

Three robbers held up staff in the cash office at gunpoint and demanded money.

Police spokesman Shooz Magudulela said the suspects escaped with an undisclosed amount after taking all the money in the cash office.

Police spotted one of the getaway vehicles and gave chase. An officer fired a shot at the vehicle, giving it a tyre. Despite this the men sped off and the officers lost them in heavy traffic.

They abandoned their two getaway cars at a nearby shopping complex and fled on foot.

Magudulela said no money nor firearms were recovered from the two detained suspects.

"It appears that the suspect on the run escaped with the money and guns."