How to succeed in computer repairs

For your computer repair business to succeed, adopt these methods:

For your computer repair business to succeed, adopt these methods:

lDevelop a website showcasing all your repair services.

lPublicise your website by linking it with free websites.

lInvite people who visit your website for special deals.

lDevelop a four-colour brochure showing all your core services and use it for all types of marketing.

lMake a list of all businesses in your area, create a database and e-mail your brochure to data-processing managers. Alternatively, mail the brochures to these companies.

lOffer discounts to students by using their notice boards to advertise your services.

lOrganise radio chats on both community and commercial radios.

lOrganise website chat.

lAdvertise in local newspapers and invite readers to bring along paper cuttings for a special deal.

lOrganise demonstrations at shopping malls in your area regularly and offer special discounts for spot bookings.

lOffer discounts every month for the first 10 customers.

lOrganise regular brochure letter drops to every house in your area.

lPut a board in front of your house informing people about your service.

lPlace your brochure as an insert in local newspapers.

l Ask friends and family to get new clients and reward them with small gifts.

lAt every opportunity, distribute the brochure on street corners, in shopping malls and any other suitable location.