'She left me with clothes on my body'

Alfred Moselakgomo

Alfred Moselakgomo

A 52-year-old Mpumalanga man has accused his wife of cleaning out his house of all its contents while he was away.

Joel Molai of Marapyane in the KwaMhlanga area said he was surprised to find all his household items taken, allegedly by his 40-year-old wife Christina Makgoba.

He discovered this when he returned from visiting relatives in Vaalbank at the weekend.

"I thought thieves had entered my house but nearly collapsed when neighbours told me it was in fact my wife who took everything," said Molai.

"They told me that she hired a truck to take everything, including the furniture, and left only my clothes," he said.

"I don't know why she did this. Our 16-year-old marriage has never been in trouble and I wish she would come back and tell me what went wrong," Molai said.

Molai said he married Christina in 1992 and they had lived happily ever since.

The two have three children aged 24, 20 and 16.

"I have always been a responsible husband and father and we never fought about anything before.

"When she said jump, my question was always how high and this is the thanks I get in the end," he said.

Molai said he went to open a case of theft at the Marapyane satellite station but the police said he should report the case to the Legal Aid Board.

"The police refused to act, saying they don't deal with this kind of case and referred me to the Legal Aid Board in Hammanskraal who will help me get my belongings back," he said.

Commissioner Shimane Selwane said: "When people are married in community of property, police cannot divide assets when they separate, only a magistrate can. That's why we sent Molai to the Legal Aid Board."