Sowetan Reporter

Sowetan Reporter

Toyota took advantage of the Geneva Motor Show to provide an insight into its model planning strategy for the near future.

Included in this strategy is a new small SUV, the Urban Cruiser. As shown at Geneva the Urban Cruiser is the design preview of a new model that will be introduced during the first half of next year.

The Urban Cruiser will take its place in the small SUV market, a segment that has virtually doubled in size in Europe since 2002.

Aimed at the urban all-roader market, it provides a well thought-out solution to consumer needs for an SUV-type vehicle, but one that offers low fuel bills and low emissions.

This new model draws on Toyota's rich heritage in successful SUV production and marketing, dating back to the introduction of the legendary Land Cruiser in 1951. While the Urban Cruiser draws on the proud record of all Toyota SUVs to date, it represents the very latest in a line of compact SUVs, a market that Toyota created with the introduction of the original RAV4 back in 1994.

The Urban Cruiser will fill a void in the Toyota line-up left when the 3-door version of the RAV4 was discontinued.

The new model's compact dimensions, efficient packaging, practicality, and four-wheel drive transmission will endear it to those who long for a replacement for the 3-door RAV4.

Rugged and muscular in appearance, the Urban Cruiser offers 5-door practicality in a compact form that is ideal for the often tight confines of an urban environment.

The length of the vehicle is 3,93m, width 1,725m and height 1,54m, dimensions that provide comfortable accommodation for five people plus luggage.

The Urban Cruiser is an extension of Toyota's small car line-up for European markets, a range of vehicles characterised by fuel efficiency and low emissions.