Beware of skimmers

Standard Bank has agreed to refund Mamsy Ndlovu R2000 that was stolen from her account.

Standard Bank has agreed to refund Mamsy Ndlovu R2000 that was stolen from her account.

Last month Ndlovu had the cash withdrawn from her bank account - even though she was in possession of her ATM card.

The bank could not explain how the fraud occurred, but after reviewing her case said she was the victim of card skimming.

Ndlovu told the bank she had been at home when the fraud took place. She had done her last withdrawal during the week and did not withdraw any money during the weekend. But, when she checked her account three days later she discovered it was R2000 short.

The withdrawal took place at Campus Square in Auckland Park, which she had not visited.

"It baffled me how it happened because I had my ATM card and nobody has access to it."

She reported the matter to her bank and was advised to lay a charge at a police station.

Ross Linstrom of Standard Bank said they would refund her as soon as their investigations were completed.

Tips on how to avoid card fraud

lHold the ATM card until the transaction is complete.

lEnsure that its security features are present.

lCompare the card-holder's signature on the card to that on the sales voucher.

lPhone for authorisation if requested to do so.

Important tips when using your card

lSign your card as soon as you receive it.

lReview your account statements.

lWhen shopping online, only place orders with your card on a secure website.

lDon't send e-mails that quote your account number and the card's expiry date.

lEnsure that you get your own card back after every purchase.

lNever write down your PIN or disclose it to anyone.

lReport lost or stolen cards immediately.

lDestroy your credit card receipts before discarding them.

lNever let the card out of your sight.

ATM fraud

lRemain aware of your surroundings without allowing anything or anyone to distract you while doing your ATM banking.

lApproach an ATM only under the right conditions and, for your own security, be alert and conscious of your surroundings.

lChoose a familiar and well-lit ATM.

lScan the area for suspicious-looking characters before you approach the ATM.

lIf you think the ATM is faulty cancel the transaction immediately, report the fault to your bank and try another ATM.

lHave your card ready in your hand before you approach the ATM to avoid opening your purse, bag or wallet while in the queue.

lBe cautious of strangers offering to help because they could be trying to distract you to get your card or PIN details.

lFollow the instructions on the ATM screen.

lApproach security guards for assistance.

l Never force your card into the slot because it might have been tampered with.

lDon't use ATMs that have been tampered with.