audi comes out tops

Sowetan Reporter

Sowetan Reporter

For the 2008 World Car Design of the Year award, the jurors praised the Audi R8 for "transforming the sports car landscape".

"The R8 design is striking, original and full of interesting details - from the nose strakes to the much-discussed vertical 'blade' behind the B pillar".

World car design expert Tom Matano, executive director of the School of Industrial Design at the Academy of Art University, San Francisco, US, said that the Audi R8 is "a great visual representation of the technology within a complete package of techno-iconic design".

Last year, the Audi TT received the World Car Design of the Year award. So, Audi has retained this design crown for the second year in a row as well.

Audi won the overall World Car of the Year title with the Audi A6 sedan at the inaugural World Car of the Year awards in 2005.

With one overall win and four category wins in total, Audi is the most successful manufacturer at the World Car of the Year awards.

Naming the Audi R8 as the 2008 World Performance Car, the jurors observed that it has "solid credentials on paper - thanks to its mid-mounted 430Nm torque, V8 engine and aluminum construction".

But where it excels is in the exceptional balance, refinement and control that grant the driver the confidence to push it to the limit.