better to hire

A hiring service can be a good business.

People prefer to hire equipment rather than buy it because after the job is done, chances are that they would no longer need it. Buying is regarded as a waste for many people.

Even some business people who use equipment on a daily basis prefer hiring to buying because they want to avoid the costs that come with maintenance, service and insurance. Hiring is a better and cheaper option for them.

By looking around your neighbourhood, you might find that there is a niche for a hiring service that people need. You can start a hiring business in almost anything that people need.

Below are some hiring services that you can start if your local municipality's by-laws allow it. It is important to check compliance needs before starting any business or else you might find yourself on the wrong side of the law.

A barbecue hire service:

With a good quality mobile barbecue and a qualified chef's outfit, you could hire yourself out and ensure any party is a huge success. Your services could also include supplying a selection of mouth-watering barbecue food products.

A picture hire business:

Attractive, but inexpensive pictures could be hired out for an annual fee or a membership subscription to a picture-hire club.

A props and costumes hire business:

Props might include replica firearms, old-fashioned lamps, telephones, pictures, vases, plaster busts, statuettes, clocks, reproduction furniture etc. A wide range of costumes could also be made available. You can also hire out masks, wigs, fake human parts and break-apart props for film and theatre productions.

An operator may be required to use some machines for safety. This service could be run separately or in conjunction with the props and costume hire business.

Digital video discs and music discs:

You can run this service as a mail order club from a small shop or even your home. DVD discs are very popular and they could eventually replace video tapes as a means of providing entertainment for hire. They need less storage space, are more robust and make an ideal mail order product because of their light weight. Obtaining stock is the main hurdle to overcome in the beginning, but once established, the business will become self-financing.

Computers to small businesses hire business:

You would have to include a maintenance contract to make it an attractive proposition. Also include a short training course for employees in the use of selected software in your services. You must have a good knowledge of computers and also how to repair them.

A jumping castle hire business:

Invest in this relatively easy to run and very popular business. You will need a large van as well as insurance to cover you for public liability.

Pool table hire business:

Hire pool tables out to pubs, clubs, holiday parks, colleges and recreation centres. They could then be rented out on a six-monthly or yearly contract.

Tool or plant hire business:

From light industrial equipment such as electric saws and drills, jigsaws, band saws, compressors, spray equipment, right up to heavier gear such as cranes and excavation equipment. This service can be as flexible as you want it to be.

There is plenty of money to be made, but you need to start small and invest your profits back into the business because further expansion would be the safest route. The alternative is to make a fair-sized capital investment in heavy machinery.

Wedding clothes hire business:

This includes wedding gowns, bridesmaid dresses, top hat and tails for the groom and best man, and kilts.

Marquee hire business:

Invest in a sizeable marquee tent and you might be able to recoup your investment by hiring it out for special functions. You will require a large vehicle to transport large tents because delivery and collection will be part of your service.

There are many other things that one can hire or rent out. It is wise to research what people in your area need most.