Mystified Zonke IS WELL AGAIN

Gugu Sibiya

Gugu Sibiya

Medics were mystified, prayer failed and dark talk of witchcraft has surfaced over a mystery paralysis that afflicted soul singer Zonke Dikana between performances at the Mzansi Stars Awards.

February 28 was supposed to be one of the most exciting nights in a career strewn with dazzling milestones, but turned into a nightmare for the urban soul singer.

Zonke was one of the performers at the Mzansi Stars Awards ceremony, but ended the show on a stretcher with concerned paramedics fussing over her.

Minutes after a sterling performance, Zonke suddenly found she could not walk.

"My foot started to swell 20 minutes after my performance, getting bigger and bigger until I could not walk or fit it into my shoe," she said.

"I became scared because we were supposed to go back on stage for the finale.

"Eventually, I could not move and had to be carried away by paramedics. They checked me over thoroughly, even looking for cuts or bites but there was nothing. I had no injury at all.

"From the time I arrived I had sat in my dressing room. What was happening was a mystery to me and the band," she says.

Despite the ministrations and medicines being injected and sprayed on her by the mystified medics, her foot continued to swell. She was given another round of drugs and hobbled bravely on stage.

"Thank God my car is an automatic, otherwise I would not have been able to drive myself home. My left leg had swollen beyond belief. My feet had turned a frightening black.

"My sisters were praying incessantly, but nothing happened. I started calling my dad, who insisted that as a Christian I just needed to pray harder and not necessarily come home."

She blames the futility of her prayers on allowing her faith to take a back seat in her life.

More doctors, blood tests and X-rays since have not been able to find the cause of the problem.

"After a suggestion it might be diabetes or a clot in my foot, I was given a clean bill of health.

"But things are looking much brighter," she says.