Motloung flays BSA

Bongani Magasela

Bongani Magasela

The ink has hardly dried on the page where vows between CEO of Boxing SA Bongani "Mr Fix-It" Khumalo and his opposite number at Tourist Choice Mike Motloung were exchanged.

Already there is strife. Motloung still wants to work with them, but he wants professionalism.

Motloung, who signed a whopping R10,5 million three-year sponsorship deal with BSA in February, says his unhappiness stems from the fact that BSA reneged from the agreement that they would use his company as its travel agency.

"I have found out that they are using another company and that does not make me a happy man," he said on Monday.

Motloung, whose deal granted his company the naming rights for national titles, added that cracks showed up before and after the yearly awards in Bloemfontein last month.

"I delivered a good transportation service which involved coaches, private cars and mini- buses but they are not playing ball," he said diplomatically.

"They hired two cars for other board members in Umtata and Bloemfontein. But they were turned down because those people wanted a Mercedes Benz similar to those that were driven by Bongani and and Dali Mpofu.

"Those two cars were driven from Pretoria. Imagine the time and money. BSA would not pay the cancellation fees for those cars and a coach that was to ferry its staff.

"The cars that were driven by Dali Mpofu and Loyiso Mtya were damaged. The company that hired them out took them for repairs and demanded money from me.

"I communicated this with BSA but again it fell on deaf ears. I did not just wake up and want to be involved with them.

"I was introduced by somebody who said BSA wanted a a black- owned travel agency. They proposed that I should sponsor their belts for three years at R10,5 million and that they will give me naming rights to the national belts. I agreed because I saw this as a good marketing strategy for my company."