A big thanks, says Mokone

My surgery is over.

My surgery is over.

I am home and recuperating -weak and frail but home nevertheless.

I want to thank the thousands of friends and supporters who sent me more than 200 e-mails, phone calls, postcards and letters wishing me well.

I want to thank the two ministers from Soweto who called me to inform me that they and their congregants where praying for me and will pray for me on January 13th, the day of my surgery.

I want to thank Dr Irvin Khoza and the executive of the PSL for their letter of support.

I also thank Orlando Pirates Football Club and their delegation who were in Washington, DC for inquiring about my surgery while here.

I want to thank the ANC for their e-mail of support, Max Maisela and his NBC for their support and last but not least I want to thank the whole South African news media.

Steve "Kalamazoo" Mokone