Calling smart young minds

Victor Mecoamere

Victor Mecoamere

To ensure growth and progress in Gauteng its youngsters should be encouraged and motivated to have a winning mentality, senior Blue IQ officer Jameel Chand said in Kliptown this week.

This was why Blue IQ Investment Holdings - the Gauteng government's strategic economic tool for sustainable economic growth and job creation - has teamed up with Sowetan and the Gauteng Department of Education to run the yearly Smart Young Mindz Challenge.

"We are looking for engineers, technicians, technologists and other specialists to ensure growth in Gauteng and those professionals have to come from among our youth," Chand said.

"Young people studying technical subjects are key to this plan but must understand and appreciate their subjects and the Smart Young Mindz Challenge serves that purpose."

Chand lamented that most of our household and home entertainment appliances are imported.

"We need to change this. We must not let it continue. We need to help Gauteng and South Africa as a whole match the best in the world," said Chand.