Move against Aids

Zinhle Mapumulo

Zinhle Mapumulo

LoveLife officially launched its new campaign phase, Make YOUR Move, yesterday.

The phase is meant to represent a significant shift, looking at how the youth think about HIV-Aids prevention.

This new approach is divided into three sessions. The first one will kick off with television, radio and print advertising campaigns from today. The second phase will engage young people through discussions about their personal expectations and responsibility in shaping their life opportunities.

The third phase will be about motivational and personal skills development tools which will help them identify opportunities for personal development.

Refilwe Africa of LoveLife said the new phase recognised that most young people knew about HIV-Aids and how to avoid getting it. This new campaign comes at time when HIV-Aids prevalence was showing a downward trend in the age of 15-24 years.

Health Minister Manto Tshabalala-Msimang said last year that the decline in the prevalence of HIV-Aids in this group showed that the message was going through.

David Harrison, chief executive officer of LoveLife, this week supported the minister's statement, saying that young people had got the message about HIV-Aids.

"What's left is their response to their circumstances. Young people whose life choices are constrained and who constantly feel isolated are at much higher risk for HIV infection. This campaign will help them make decisions that will enhance their prospects day-by-day and help protect their future," he said.

South Africa is currently topping the global list of countries ravaged by HIV-Aids. It is estimated that more than 5,5 million people are living with HIV-Aids in this country.