Unease on UFS campus

An uneasy calm has returned to the University of Free State's Bloemfontein campus, the recent scene of violence sparked by a racist video.

Although lectures are continuing without disruptions, there is still uncertainty among the students, who wonder what will happen on campus in the coming weeks.

"You always have to watch your back. Most of my friends on campus are black, but I cannot hang out with them anymore. This is absurd," said a white student who identified herself as Rita.

The situation is so tense that students are scared to even walk through campus or attend after-hour lectures. Some are not comfortable to even go to the grocery store for necessities such as bread and milk, particularly in the evening. White female students who did not want to be named said a group of blacks threatened to rape them.

On the other hand, blacks say they are still on the receiving end of racist remarks by their counterparts who still want Afrikaans to be dominant on campus. - Michael Tlhakudi