Not all Nigerian pastors exploit congregations

Your letter, "God does not need cash to bless you", of March 11 refers.

Your letter, "God does not need cash to bless you", of March 11 refers.

I agree that God's blessing does not need to be bought, but somehow it has to be reciprocated either by faith or grace, because the early church, during the time of St Peter, even sold its property and brought the proceeds to the apostles for communal usage.

Yet there are Judases out there who purport to be pastors and exploit the faithful. But citing Nigerian pastors as the perpetrators is highly annoying and lends weight to the writer's little knowledge of Nigerians and the origin of The Universal Church.

A Brazilian, Pastor Eduardo Marcedo, founded The Universal Church and recruited most of his followers and apostles from the coloured community in South Africa.

Nigerians have produced the most respected, trustworthy and charismatic pastors on the planet after the United States. And they need not persuade your reader's mother to donate her meagre R50 to them.

Renowned men of God such as Pastor Chris from Christ Embassy, Pastor Uma Ukpai of Victory Cathedral, Reverend Father Ejike Mbaka and many others have been blessed with God's special talents. They have millionaire donors who support their causes.

I am not saying that all the Nigerian pastors are saints. I agree that there are some Judases among them.

OO Okunwa