Cheeky terios 4x4 takes them on

Price: From R186995

Price: From R186995

Mileage: from 1100km

Colour: Various colours

Motor plan: Service plan 3 years-75000km

Dealer: Auto Pedigree Meadowdale, Auckland Park

Charl Wilken

Terios, Daihatsu's cheeky little off-roader, will surprise most people.

Getting into the Terios one immediately notices the cabin space.

In fact, it is safe to say exterior looks can fool you into thinking it is a small car inside as well.

Our test model, the 2007 Daihatsu Terios 4x4, was an impressive little car.

Having done just 1100km it not only looked new but also drove and smelt like a new car.

There are various colours and models to choose from.

Not only is the Terios a great-looking vehicle, but it also has a lot to offer in terms of driving capabilities and comfort.

As we mentioned earlier, the Terios is compact and very easy to drive under almost any conditions. Daihatsu has always been leaders in building compact cars with some of the best ergonomics one can think of.

Head and shoulder room is better than you will find in some of its bigger competitors and the legroom is sufficient for five adults to sit in comfort.

Boot capacity is fair. The steering wheel can be adjusted up or down for specific driver preferences, which adds to the comfort. The instrument panel looks good and speaks of simplicity.

Our model is more capable than one would expect from such a small off-roader. It also comes with a central differential lock that helps when things get a little rough.

No doubt not many people will take their Terios off-road and mom will more often than not use it to get the kids from school and do shopping with. But it is nice to know that if you have to go off-road the Terios will be able to do it.

Its best attributes is its fuel- saving ability.

The 1,5 litre petrol engine, with Toyota's VVT-i technology, is a recipe for low fuel consumption.

Power output stands at 77kW and 140Nm, which gets transferred to all four wheels via a five-speed manual transmission. It might not sound like lots of power, but for the compact Terios this is more than enough.