Not all Afrikaners are racists, some are decent folk!

I am a 71-year-old, ordinary, Afrikaner male.

I am a 71-year-old, ordinary, Afrikaner male.

On March 3, while waiting at OR Tambo to fly to Cape Town, I found a Sowetan lying on a coffee table.

Since I had time to spare I read it and came across a letter by Precious Qhakazi.

Yes, we all agree, the four University of the Free State students were completely out of order and should be harshly dealt with!

What I do not agree with is the reader's suggestion that "had it been done to white cleaners, all hell would have broken loose" and "this is the way they treat their domestic servants".

It seems the reader lives in a world of her own. It seems she did not read or see the protest placards in most newspapers and other media and the attendant condemnation.

Then you will also realise by the government's reaction, especially by the Minister of Education and her department, that even the university and the management will not go unscathed!

All the main Afrikaans associations, including the Broederbond, expressed their condemnation of the students' actions in extremely strong language.

For your information, I have a very good relationship with my helper and I am not a racist. I am an ordinary, decent human being.

There are thousands of Afrikaners out there with identical or even better relationships with their employees.

Hannes van Tonder

Somerset West