Honesty always the best policy

Jared: "Mom, what's temptation?"

Jared: "Mom, what's temptation?"

Mom: "When you do something that you know is wrong, you're giving in to temptation."

Jared: "Like Satan tempts people all the time?"

Mom: "Yes, and like when you whisper to Josh to get out of bed and play, and he does, you guys are giving in to temptation.

"When you do something you're tempted to do, it's a sin. And getting out of bed, when Mom tells you to stay in bed, is a sin."

Jared: "Why did I ask?"

This morning the boys were counting how much money they had earned doing extra chores. Josh has R34. He would have R40, but he'd spent R6. Jared has R42. He would have R45,60, but had spent R3,60. I told them they could exchange the small change for notes from daddy, so they got all excited. -Multiple Blessings