DJ late for breakfast

Edward Tsumele

Edward Tsumele

Talkative new Kaya FM recruit Phat Joe nearly made a no-show for his new breakfast slot when he arrived 45 minutes late yesterday.

The new breakfast show host had his colleagues panicking when he pitched up for work in the middle of the show that was going on without him. His colleagues had called outgoing managing director Charlene Deacon to enquire about his whereabouts.

The station confirmed yesterday that the DJ had arrived late for his Phat Joe BreakfastShow, but could not say what the reasons were. But a source close to the station told Sowetan that the late-coming was apparently engineered and stage-managed by Phat Joe's new bosses at the radio station in Newtown.

"It was actually a publicity stunt by the station to delay his arrival so that it would induce some sense of expectation in the listeners. I mean, he went to work in his pyjamas," the source said.

Deacon, however, said that the DJ was not late. "Some people got the joke while others could not. But the truth is, it was just a game and nothing else," she said.