A must-read resource for managers

Book: Achieving Goals

Book: Achieving Goals

Author: Kathleen Schienle

Publishers: Collins Best Practices

Reviewer: Victor Mecoamere

Formulating and attaining a world-beating objective is a strictly private and personal matter.

This is often born out of extreme introspection, determination, dedication and hard work. But the outcomes are often public.

Those who set and implement spectacular goals and gain, or achieve impressive, admirable or even enviable results are often recognised, acknowledged and rewarded in public.

Kathleen Schienle says in Achieving Goals that aiming high is essential to success, but by following through and completing what you have set out to do, you can truly out-perform your competitors.

Punted as a comprehensive and essential resource for any manager on the run, the book also seeks to help the reader, or user, how to learn to:

l Set smart and challenging goals for yourself and your employees;

l Create a goal-focused environment;

l Help employees meet their objectives;

l Anticipate and overcome obstacles; and

l Measure progress andstay on track to achieve success.

But this book can help positively transform the lives of ordinary types and help them relate well with friends and foes alike, colleagues and superiors.

Those who have attended sessions by motivational speakers, life and lifestyle change and management experts, know this much about their general methods, techniques and tactics - they will encourage you to:

l Pick one goal at a time, focus all your energies on the goal, accomplish it and master it into a stable habit, and you can start on the next goal;

l Make small and manageable strides to strengthen your self-belief;

l Learn or strive to simplify your chosen goal or goals.

Schienle shows the reader the power of goals or goal-setting, highlighting the folly and futility of using goal-setting as one of a person's life strategies; and then focuses on managers as coaches.

While coaching is generally known as the job or method of guiding and inducting people towards the attainment of certain goals, many managers mistake coaching as being totally divorced from the expectations of a manager.

Instead, they feel their job is to manage when people clock in and out, how hard the they do their work and when they should take breaks - while attaining the so-called bottom line.

She is among a growing number of people who feel that management and coaching are productive, profitable allies, and that motivating employees does not make you a sissy.

Managers and ordinary employees as well as any Joe Soap are encouraged to learn to develop feasible goals, and stick to them. Managers are shown the managers' roles, setting and managing goals and evaluating achievements.

In short, Achieving Goals - subtitled Define And Surpass Your High PerformanceGoals - serves as a modern prototype of one of the most suitable guides for managers, or any other individuals, who seek a different, refreshing take on goal-setting.