Boozing teens need special help

I am referring to your report "Boozing teens with no care in world," of March 3.

I am referring to your report "Boozing teens with no care in world," of March 3.

It is unacceptable for schoolchildren to abuse alcohol, no matter at what hour, but it's made worse by adults such as tavern owners and drug dealers who put profits before common sense.

It is disheartening that scholars are happy to bunk school and fill up taverns to smoke and drink. It reflects their feelings of insecurity, hopelessness and a lack of confidence in the future.

We hope that the law will come down hard on those who sell alcohol or drugs to children.

Children indulging in such practices require social and behavioural interventions. They need parental guidance and help from teachers and positive role models.

The struggle for a democracy was aimed at giving all children equal opportunities in order to realise our shared dreams of a better life for all.

Over our 50 years' legacy at Girls and Boys Town, we have learnt that parenting is hard and that families experience a breakdown in relationships.

In such a situation, it is easy to become despondent, lose faith and shut one's eyes to reality.

Confronted with it, parents don't always know where to look for advice to help them deal with their children's behaviour.

Everyday survival is tough but children and adults can develop a partnership that helps communities deal with the hardships.

Lee Loynes

CEO Girls and Boys Town