Stop dropouts

Chester Makana

Chester Makana

Something needs to be done to halt the alarming rate of students dropping out of tertiary institutions around the country, outgoing vice-chancellor and principal of the University of Venda Jim Leatt said.

Leatt was speaking at the official opening of the Univen academic year on Wednesday.

The university reopened later than other tertiary institutions because of major renovations on the campus.

Leatt said the number of students dropping out of tertiary institutions increases every year and is cause for concern because they are failing to produce future leaders and workers as a result.

"We have to find out why students drop out. Though we suspect that some are forced out because of financial problems, this cannot be the only reason," said Leatt.

He emphasised that a study should be conducted into this problem and sustainable solutions found.

Insiders at Univen have ascribed the high dropout rate at the institution to the failure of the authorities to manage the National Students Financial Aid Fund.