Wives feud over burial of husband

Given Mahlalela

Given Mahlalela

Two wives are at loggerheads over where and who should bury the body of their husband.

The deceased husband, Makhosini Khoza, 56, died in Komatipoort, Mpumalanga, after a short illness.

Khoza, who was born in Maputo, Mozambique, passed away two weeks ago and his body has not been laid to rest because of the ongoing feud between his wives.

The deceased apparently had two wives, one in Maputo, and the other one living with him in South Africa.

Khoza's first wife, Anardo Kuki, 38, is based in Maputo.

She claims that she is Khoza's legal wife and believes she has a right to bury him.

"We got married in 1981 here in Maputo. His children and entire family is here in Maputo, so how can he be buried away from home.

"We would be unable to perform rituals at his grave," said the grieving Kuki.

But Khoza's second wife, Lindiwe Mthembu, claims that Khoza told her he never wanted to be buried in Mozambique.

"Before my husband passed away, he instructed me and my whole family that he wanted to be buried here in South Africa."

She said she has been advised to seek legal assistance to secure the right to bury him, while the other family back in Mozambique claimed that they have already taken the matter to court.