How to push your business

Here's how to market your consulting business.

Here's how to market your consulting business.

Once your business has been set up, the next step is to let people know that you are available for work.

You have to find people or businesses that are willing and able to pay you for your expert service.

Your marketing should package you as an expert in your field and highlight the added value you can provide for your clients with.

Let people know that you are a professional with the expertise they need and that you can help them solve their problems, supplement their staff, act as a cata- alyst, teach their organisation, create new business or influence other people.

Employ some of the following ways to create awareness about your consulting business.

Use networking. Interact with players in your targeted industry. This is one of the most effective ways of marketing your consulting business.

Simply put, the more contacts you have the more chances of getting clients for your consulting business.

Start with the people you already know, such as former colleagues and bosses, friends and existing industry contacts.

Actively take part in every networking opportunity you can find. Take part in industry organisations and events, breakfast gatherings, chamber of commerce activities, professional groups and social clubs.

The more visible you are, the greater the chances that your name will be on top of the potential clients' heads when they look for a person with your expertise.