Getting paid for delivering groceries and running errands for customers

How can one cut costs and make profit from the grocery delivery business?

How can one cut costs and make profit from the grocery delivery business?

The best way is to charge a minimum fee for the service, which should at least cover your fuel cost, then calculate a percentage of the amount of the order the customer places as profit.

Secondly, try to schedule as many errands together as possible. For example, if you have three different customers who want groceries each week, try to organise those deliveries into one trip. The petrol cost will be nearly the same for one customer as for three. That way you will make more profit.

As you get to know your clients, don't be afraid to ask for phone numbers. By doing so, you will be able to make a call and ask if they need any deliveries when you know you will be making a trip to a particular store in their area. If you have several people, who each want a couple of things, you can really make a lot of extra profit.

To retain customers, do small favours for repeat customers. Call a frequent customer to see if he or she needs something from a store you are going to and perhaps offer him or her, a discount on the percentage charge.

Clip coupons and point out to the customer that you used a coupon to help him save money. Customers remember you when you treat them well.

Set yourself a limitation for how far out of town you are willing to drive. Instead of turning down orders from a customer that lives too far away, explain to them that you are willing to do it but you will charge more.

Calculate the amount you will need to cover your expenses and make a few bucks for yourself. If the amount seems too high for the customer they don't have to use your services.

In addition to grocery deliveries, you can offer to pick up and drop off laundry, prescriptions, mail and packages, take-away orders, pets to the groomer and any delivery service that people might need. Combined, these can provide you a good income.

Depending on the community in which you operate and the number of businesses, there might be a need for same-day services that can allow you to be an overnight business.

Despite the great improvements in technology, other things still need to be hand-delivered.

For example, hard copies of documents, especially needed for many court proceedings, may have an urgency to get to their destination the same day they are created. If you can offer a service to pick up items and deliver them on the same day, you may be able to begin a needed business in your community.

Other business opportunities would be someone who is stuck at home with a broken vehicle.

The part is available at the auto parts store but the store cannot deliver it until the following day and the car owner needs the part to fix the car on the same day.

He can order the part online or over the phone, and you can run to the parts store, pick it up and deliver it to his or her home.

You can also work with medical supply businesses to provide delivery services for certain supplies and equipment.

Opening a delivery business that picks up merchandise at retailers and delivers it to the customers' homes can be a rewarding opportunity.