focus on customers

Have you ever thought how it is to give business a facelift?

Have you ever thought how it is to give business a facelift?

It does not matter how wonderful a business idea may look on paper, it is simply not enough to go through the motions of selling a product or service.

It does not matter what business you are in, either delivering groceries or consulting.

It seldom happens that a new company gets launched with a business idea that is new and so unique that it sells itself. Usually, a new company will sell a product or a service that already exists on the market, or is similar to something that consumers use.

In order to attract and retain customers, this product must have that indefinable quality that makes it stand out from its competitors. As a business owner this allows you to sell yourself rather than just another product.

To find this out, you need to take a hard look at yourself and your business. Are you passionate about your work? If you truly love and believe in whatever you are selling, that energy and emotion will shine through.

Customers want to buy products they can trust; from businesses they can trust. The best way to build that trust is through sincerity. You must also believe in your product.

If you don't believe in your product or service, why should anyone else believe in it? Therefore, when deciding to get into business, choose something that motivates you and makes you tick.

Let's say you are already in business and you feel that it is not performing well. You still have a few options.

The first one is to sell it and start all over in a new direction. If this does not suit you, you need to review your business model.

Think about ways to turn it around to what you want it to be in the first place. Revisit the reasons why you selected that concept in the first place and try to return to the basic ideas that you used at the beginning.

Surely your business plan will need some updating. Pay particular attention to your mission and vision statements. It's possible that you have diverted from your original way. You need to find it.

Research your employees, business associates and friends. Find out what they believe works, and what they feel needs improvement. Generate market research. Determine what the public wants in a product or service such as yours. Think through your own experiences as a customer.

Engage and empower each employee to make decisions that will further your business' mission. Ask for their ideas and show that you take them seriously.

Create an atmosphere of trust and open sharing in order to develop a cohesive team that works well together towards a common goal.

Your goal must be becoming better than the competition. Customers buy a product for different reasons.

For example other customers are price-oriented. They go for the least expensive option, no matter what. Others are willing to pay more for great service or product.

Others want value added in terms of fringe benefits such as membership clubs or occasional parties. You won't be able to satisfy every customer, but by performing market research, you can determine what the majority of your customers are looking for, and develop ways to provide it.

Exceptional customer service is a nearly universal customer desire. Think about ways of improving customer service.

Look inside yourself and see if you are naturally outgoing?

Also find a way to incorporate humour into your advertising and daily business practices.

Make sure that your marketing collateral and promotional materials reflect the audience that you wish to attract.

Make sure that your customers are aware of your efforts. Irrespective of what business you run or what your target demographic may be, your company must have a message.

Find a way to get your message out to the public. Develop a corporate image that reflects your message.

The most successful entrepreneurs are those who think outside the box and make daring moves to demonstrate their unique qualities.