rout these morons

We live in a wild, weird world. I simply cannot comprehend the disregard and contempt that some people with HIV have for their own lives.

We live in a wild, weird world. I simply cannot comprehend the disregard and contempt that some people with HIV have for their own lives.

I have received reports that some irresponsible people with HIV, and some officials at local clinics, are involved in a scam, selling antiretroviral treatment to people who are not eligible for the government's national HIV-Aids treatment.

Those who are qualified to receive specified treatment stop taking their medication and then run a money-making scheme by selling their free treatment every month to anyone who claims to be HIV positive.

They actually take advantage of those desperate people who are too afraid to voluntarily declare their health status.

And then, officials in local clinics are recruited and take full advantage of these people by promising the medicines and distributing them for a fee on a monthly basis.

This corrupt and punishable act also deprives some legitimate members of society, who have followed the correct procedure and who deserve these life-saving medicines, of treatment.

Pain killer are simply dished out to them instead of the prescribed treatment.

I find this act of greed astonishingly unbelievable and unacceptable.

I wonder how any sane person can pay for medication under the counter without proper advice and the necessary management from a qualified medical practitioner.

The desperation and helplessness that goes with HIV is driving some people wild and enticing them to do insane things.

Regrettably, it is rendering our sacrifices useless. It makes a mockery of all the people who sacrificed their lives in the struggle to get treatment for each and every person with HIV in our country and in the world.

The moral degeneration being experienced in the "HIV-Aids world" is despicable and cannot go unchallenged by those of us who have dedicated our lives to the upliftment of all our people, particularly our children.

I think that the National Association of People Living with HIV-Aids (Napwa) and the Treatment Action Campaign (TAC) must join hands and minds to investigate, address and eradicate this scandalous behaviour.

These selfish morons must be exposed for what they really are.

Sowetan, as the conscience of all our people, has already agreed to conduct a private investigation into this immoral and illegal trade. We promise to be ruthlessly uncompromising with anyone found guilty of such a self-destructive act of greed and corruption.

In the same breath, I think the people who are facing corruption charges after they allegedly fraudulently approved a batch of expired condoms from the South African Bureau of Standards must be named and shamed and kept in the public eye.

Increasingly the public in general is losing confidence in the services provided by government institutions.

It is imperative that the rotten apples be separated from the hard-working and diligent people who are committed to uplifting our people and who are deeply concerned about their plight that they selflessly commit themselves to doing something to help them