Housing scam exposed

Xolile Bhengu

Xolile Bhengu

Thoko Mtubu has been fighting for two years to get the people of Soweto the houses that they were promised.

The Lesedi Women's Cooperative allegedly convinced 250 informal settlement households of Doornkop Block 4, Soweto, to build their homes through the People's Housing Process.

Residents, most of whom live are unemployed and live on social grants, claim they have been ripped off because according to law PHP houses include all costs of development.

Lesedi said households with an income above R1 500 were made to pay R2 500 for their R19000 government subsidy houses to be completed; R300 for two builders, for whom they were also expected to make at least two meals a day.

The residents, most of whom have been in the area since 1991, were given the sites where they lived to build formal homes as part of government's housing delivery programme.

Mtubu, a community worker at Ncedisizwe Multi Purpose Centre, started investigating complaints after being approached by residents for help. She took the matter to the provincial legislature office, which after an alleged year of silence has decided to visit the area later today.

The DA has laid charges against three Lesedi representatives.

Lesedi Women's Cooperatives could not be reached for comment.