FASHION gaffes and glamour

Zenoyise Madikwa

Zenoyise Madikwa

Fashion at the Stars of Mzansi awards was just as diverse as the nominees.

Though there were plenty of stunners, there were also a few "What were you thinking?" moments.

There's always someone on the carpet who actually chooses to look ridiculous and those who stun. For the prize for the most ridiculous, Somizi Mhlongo competed with Kelly Khumalo, while Penny Lebyane competed with TK Nciza for the most stunning.

Mhlongo has been arrested for so many fashion crimes he should be doing life.

He showed up in a pair of jeans and a hideous hairstyle. His hair was woven into an intricate style that looked like small snakes lumped loosely together.

Kelly Khumalo is one of the best performers in the country as well as the sexiest woman in iGolihood. It's rare for her to put a fashion foot wrong, but Friday wasn't her finest moment. Her Machere dress looked like a shack curtain.

Lebyane was a knockout. She simply glowed. Thula Sindi's design was demure and feminine and fit in all the right places.

I was totally smitten by TK Nciza. He was flawless in his white jacket and black trousers with flamboyant black shoes.

Now, could anything be more perfect?