Two killed after wee-hours binge

Riot Hlatshwayo

Riot Hlatshwayo

Two people were stabbed to death in Mpumalanga while returning from drinking sprees in the early hours of Saturday morning.

In the latest incident at Sabie, an unidentified man was walking from a tavern at about 3am when a group of knife- wielding men confronted him.

Police said the men demanded money from the victim, but he managed to run away from the scene.

The victim only managed to run for a few metres before his attackers cornered him next to a yard he had tried to enter.

They stabbed him several times and he died on the spot.

The owners of the house next to where the man was killed told police that they had heard people threatening to kill the man if he did not give them money.

They later found the man lying dead in a pool of blood.

Police said the man was unknown in the area and asked anyone with information to come forward.

Meanwhile, in a separate incident at Sabie at about 1am, a man who was also walking from a tavern was approached by six men.

"The men were armed with knives and demanded money from him.

"He did not have money on him and they stabbed him all over the body," said police spokesman, Superintendent Abie Khoabane yesterday.

Khoabane said the man managed to run towards his house after having been stabbed, but collapsed and died in the street.

The man was identified as 57-year-old Elliot Maritse.

In yet another incident Susara Engelbrecht, 42, was robbed of her documents as she stopped her car at a stop sign in Secunda on Friday evening.

No arrests have been made.