Search is hotting up for the Face of Soweto

Edward Tsumele

Edward Tsumele

A new pageant, which seeks a model girl to become an icon as the face of Soweto, will be launched today at Maponya Mall.

The hunt is on for that girl who will represent the aspirations, ambitions and dreams of many girls in this sprawling neighbourhood.

The organisers of the pageant also aim to deal with social ills such as unplanned teenage pregnancy, especially zooming in on the annual Unplanned-Teenage Pregnancy Week from April 21 to 25.

"South Africa is fast becoming part of the global crisis, in which the spirit of ubuntu and moral regeneration are totally lost by our young people and adults," the organisers say.

"The crisis we are facing is not only about the worldwide killer virus, HIV-Aids. Unplanned teenage pregnancy is another problem to be dealt with.

"Unplanned teenage pregnancy is also another way of spreading HIV-Aids and other sexually transmitted diseases.

"A new concept titled Face of Soweto was born from the realisation that it is essential to instil the ubuntu spirit in young people and revive the moral regeneration theme to fight the problem."

The Face of Soweto is beating the drum to make South Africans aware of the importance of this campaign.

At the forefront of this is Dent Communications, which is the event management company for the project's pageant event.

The Face of Soweto will be hosted yearly, featuring talented models.

The launch of this much- anticipated event takes place at Primi Bazala at Maponya Mall at 7pm.

The organisers say that through the Face of Soweto young models will be the voices and ambassadors of many silent women who endure the hardships of rape and abuse that result in unplanned pregnancy and the spread of HIV-Aids.

The organisers of the event, together with its sponsors, aim to promote the importance of education and women empowerment.

"Since clean living andsuccess go hand-in-hand with faith, the Face of Sowetomission is to revive goodliving through the guidance of God.

"Through women empowerment, the Face of Soweto is another way to teach women about the excellent contribution they can make to social development in their communities."

The organisers say that the pageant takes place within the context and against the background of decay at schools that eats at the moral fibre of society.

"In recent years South African schools have become a disgrace to the world.

"Many young girls fell pregnant and the result is that it limits their choices and also gives the education system a bad reputation.

"Therefore, the Face of Soweto aims to create an understanding among young women and schools to maintain an anti-pregnancy environment to ensure practical success in their academic performance."

The Face of Soweto calls on those between the ages of 18 and 24 to be part of changing the way of living.

To be part of this exciting experience, models can register for R250 through Dent Communications.

The top 50 models will be announced on April 10 at the Revlon offices in Isando. On that day the Face of Soweto will also announce the event's sponsors.

The pageant comes within the context of other initiatives in Soweto aimed at boosting the morale and confidence of girls, such as Miss Soweto.

Some of the girls who were groomed by the Miss Soweto pageant include a number of success stories such as Doris Matjeoane, now Doris Msibi, who is a businessman and TV presenter.