Looking fabulous from the inside out

Maryanne Maina

Maryanne Maina

Most people think beauty therapy is only about making you look good on the outside.

But Susan Boyang, a skin and body therapist at the Skin Sense Day Spa, says it involves more than just facials, manicures and pedicures.

"When you don't feel good on the inside you don't feel good on the outside," she says.

Boyang says therapists play an important role in our wellbeing.

She says her job is to reduce our stress levels and tension, relieve pain and help us achieve a balance in our body.

"I specialise in skin care therapy such as facials, body massage and body treatments," she says

Boyang studied somatology and graduated with a diploma that included courses in aromatherapy, massages, facial therapy, human anatomy, business management and nutrition.

She says: "Biology is very important because my work deals with the human body."

Boyang has been a skin and body therapist for eight years and spent most of her working years at the Skin Sense Spa, which has won many awards for excelling in its work.

She says to succeed in this career you have to be a people person and adds: "You must be a good team worker because all our work is done in a team and it's very important to always remain calm."

"You must love what you are doing. You can't do this work when you have a hangover or are tired."

Pampering people can sometimes be a hard job, she says.

"When I began this work, many people assumed that it only involves beauty, so no education was required, yet that is not the case.

"Also, some clients can be very hard to please and it can take a while to reach an understanding. But at the end of the day it's a very rewarding job when you see good results in your clients."

To remain up to date with what is happening in the industry, Boyang says she takes courses offered by various institutes to keep herself informed about new massage techniques and beauty therapies.

"I also subscribe to magazines such as Professional Beauty Magazine. Our suppliers also inform us of the latest products in town."

She says to be a winner in this industry you have to be passionate about the job.

She adds: "What's important in this job is a good working environment, and we have won many awards. Being a part of this team has been amazing."