Mbhazima Shilowa, please come back

Namhla Tshisela

Namhla Tshisela

The family of a Soweto woman who died last week has made an impassioned plea to her husband, who disappeared 14 years ago, to return home.

Malehloa Shilowa, 43, of Mapetla, died after a long illness.

The husband, Mbhazima "Loss" Shilowa, 51, left his young bride and took their two young children with him from their home in Soweto a year after their marriage in 1993.

"We want her children and her husband to know that she is dead so that they can come and bury her after so many years of being separated," said Malehloa's brother, Jonas Maje.

He said that his family had tried to trace Mbhazima Shilowa's family but without success.

"He left with the children and we never heard from him again," said Maje.

But, Maje said the familyhad heard from friends that Shilowa was living in Mayfair, Johannesburg, about 10years ago.

"Then we heard that the children had left Giyani [in Limpopo] and we have exhausted all means of tracing them," said Maje.

His niece, Solvias, and nephew, Mohau, should be 21 years old and 19 years old respectively.

Malehloa will be buried at Avalon Cemetery tomorrow.