Zim voters can change situation

On March 29 our Zimbabwe- an neighbours will vote.

On March 29 our Zimbabwe- an neighbours will vote.

The economy under the current leadership has deteriorated badly. According to recent reports, operations can't be performed in state hospitals because of a shortage of equipment and drugs.

Zimbabweans have been so severely affected and this has led to an alarming influx and illegal immigration to South Africa and other neighbouring states.

Interestingly, the youthful Simba Makoni has officially joined the presidential contest. His opposition against the MDC and his former master will obviously not be smooth. If reports that he enjoys the secret support of senior Zanu-PF officials are true, it will work against him unless they must publicly disclose their support for him.

Voters will decide whether the MDC will succeed this time around or if Mugabe will lead again. All Zimbabweans living inside and outside that country must make their voices heard by going out to vote.

Past elections in Zimbabwe were not free and fair. This is a crucial period for Zimbabweans and their freedom depends on how strong they are.

Systems must be put in place to prevent another Kenyan situation taking place and that kind of tragedy should be avoided at all costs.

Rambiyana Richard, Masisi